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My Home Web Page

This set of web pages document my open–source projects and provide links to download the software.

One of my long term goals is to be a contributor to a significant open–source project, but at this point my contributions to the open–source community are as an educator and developer of some small, but not trivial and interesting programs. I am especially interested in writing Python programs which involve network programming and / or have value for systems administration, especially of Unix/Linux computers.

Network Programming Study Guide

I wrote a (Python) Network Programming Study Guide, which ended up being much larger and more extensive than I originally planned. It ended up being about the same size as a small book (just under 150 pages when rendered as a single printable document). For now, I am self publishing it and making it available to everyone under a Creative Commons with Attribution 3.0 License. As more is added to it, especially with regard to Python 3, I may consider formal publication of it. [1]