6. Device ManagementΒΆ

Hardware devices typically provide the ability to input data into the computer or output data from the computer. To simplify the ability to support a variety of hardware devices, standardized application programming interfaces (API) are used.

  • Application programs use the System Call API to request one of a finite set of preset I/O requests from the Operating System.
  • The Operating System uses algorithms for processing the request that are device independent.
  • The Operating System uses another API to request data from the device driver.
  • The device driver is third party software that knows how to interact with the specific device to perform the I/O.
  • Sometimes we have a layering of device drivers where one device driver will call on another device driver to facilitate the I/O. An example of this is when devices are connected to a USB port. The driver for the device will make use of the USB device driver to facilitate passing data to and from the device.