6.8. Programming Assignment 4 – Web Based APIs

You are to develop a simple Python program that will prompt the user to enter the name of a movie or TV show and then it will display a list of the actors in the movie. You will get the data by sending a request, per the published API, to imdbapi.org. Although the data returned may be in a variety of formats (JSON might be simplest), please have it return XML data. XML is important enough that a little practice working with it seems important. Then pass the data to a parser such as BeautifulSoup, xml.dom or lxml. If you use BeautifulSoup, see also Parsing XML with BeautifulSoup.

Due to the requirement of BeautifulSoup to use lxml to parse xml, xml.dom.minidom may be easiest to use. The lxml module is difficult to install in Windows. See the xml.dom.minidom documentation.

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